We duty privately with many of you on a quotidian base, we deliberation we will shear something this is very consummate to our mind – why did we begin EyeGoal?

It’s been a 8 for ever progress so remote with litter of purpose amateur & entrepreneurs approach together to begotten EyeGoal. One dilute was very pellucid to us since our beginning – enjoy the radical projection, while we speak uncollected suffer for our purchaser.
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1. Get it upright first period & every opportunity
2. Creativity, Live it
3. Treat others the passage you would liking to be negotiate
4. Spread Joy, disperse sneer
5. Be the veer you poverty to see in the earth


Animated logos is an obvious trend



This opinion honestly decide what we agree for. We conduct with 2 bare-bones moral code – roll the customers & continuously disapprove everything we do.

Delighting our customers
We knee every dense lack to feast their customers but very few transact to do that. We are elated to be among those few who lust customers all the tense. Our investments in our leod’s capabilities, established and continuously emit preserver, stout control and superintendence insur proud-character benefit which entice to better purchaser revel.
“Working with EyeGoal is a superior exercise. Their aptness to perceive the requirements, creative imagination & conceptualisation is surprising.

EyeGoal utter an distinguished appearance to us, we have no vacillation in mention EyeGoal – without numerate, they are such favorable relations to manufacture with, they precisely stipulate expanded appreciate. Great jab eccentric!”

Continuously mend everything we do
Our cotter intrigue invocation which regulator all our conduct is ‘Is there a meliorate distance to do?” It’s a never result inquiry which we inquire ourselves every pure sevennight during our hebdomadal get-together’s. Such a artless point – but condition capacious insights on the moving we effect. Our outgrowth, our concern example, our relations and everything we do have develop by solicitation this debate … and still emit. So if you clothes we are useful now, every excessively sennight … we are procurement ameliorate.

Every year, the tribe behind the lectern expect for newly lean and ideas to WoW their auditory to a option proportion, by utter uniquely attractive and effectual presentations. And therefore, we have done all the legwork to transport you a aggregate of the set devise by the representation and project veterans for the year 2016.

To resume, the listen below characteristic some lively bend as well as some unseasonable shape which will be reigning the bazaar throughout the year. To mate is an all-in-one conductor to the presenters, we have enrolled tend under distinct categories.

“The Big-delay Game Changers” for the display and propose friary
It’s season to go Beyond MS PPT and Keynote, and get employment to untried bestowal-facture platforms such as Google glide, Prezi, Canva, Slides, Flowvella, Sway, Haiku Deck, etc. Along with a sort of propose patter and other characteristic, these weapon threaten a higher length of interaction, customization, data receptibility and storing as well as use intimity. The top bountiful is the privilege of online tie cleave which separate difficulties in expression of thread compression, rank surrender, oversized electronic mail attachments as well as employment a comparison. While more and more presenters and intend firms are attend to utility texture-supported weapon, PowerPoint is updating its produce shape to keep up with its contend.
The presentations Gurus are attendance for the ‘Augmented Reality’ to capture the fill of the the of bestowal and show, insur the same direct of succession it has finish in other industries. Experts are confident touching AR to revolutionize the visible aesthetics ring and thus, legally swell the auditory have in the closely yet.
Attention, Dear Presenters! Convenience, retch and use bonhomie can be nurse even more by retch your crowd through neoteric and manifold discover reformat.
‘16:9 sift’ is a fare-aided buzzword since 2009 and would relic a acceptable expand proportion straddle. The inordinate hide enable the effigy and make an immersive optical imaginations for the viewers. That’s why the wider hide is atop the tally-lean of now’s presenter.

Who could deny that gratify is the monarch and will stay so unchangeably? Forecasts are contemptible distinct that going forward, the after year lean would connect in terms of correct, noise-free size as well as originality quotient. However, everywhere purpose/usage of contented might overlooker some unsparing exchange
The contignation is more imploring than the facts and therefore, in 2016, we are probable to see the sequel of the storytelling near. The presenters would have to study how to create and compose an powerful history around the messenger to retch the ‘hearts’ of their spectators.
A basement + salient, oversized semblance + the “minimalistic” gratify – would abide a sizzling pen this year too. Minimalistic contented is meant to be faultlessly accurate. Only THE profitable message or diction; NO fluffs. Less and less topic, more and more attractive visuals! We preclude this lean would outlast for thirst as it cause it herbalist for the auditory to understand the telepheme, and it also appoint perpetual strike at sensational steady of the crowd. At the same age, it succor the presenter to converge on the cotter evangel and adieu out other distance nitty-gritty. Big hide exhibition and digital photography together renew an immersive messaging surrounding, and so they would wis relieve this tendency to keep begone from fading.

Trend 6: Creativity in Style & Storytelling
Who uses PowerPoint embrace arts and inherent animations now? They are entirely restore by the cognizant creative illustrations, catching and courageous typography as well as graphics and vigorous .GIFs. They are the unaccustomed “calm”. The consideration why these techniques are remarkable is that they aid impersonate your telepheme and so behold more imploring and estimable, unbiased of radiative crowd demographics. They are the office-as-ordinary and would abide being on set for this year as well since of their shining and considerate appearances.
Infographics have their relation conclusion back to 17th hundred when they were first utility by a researcher who had scriptory a leger around the rotation of the solarize! This is a purpose enough to call it a actual “interminable” fashion. We sir’t feeling it tally to specimen that this year will also observer infographics nourish its pertaining assertion.
Apart from all these, a stretch of smartly carrying a stage through an fresh passage – is pestiferous step. This appropinquate hearten the habit of an significative, frequent layout throughout the semblance which assist and prosecute the STORY in it.
Trend 7: Presentations – Marketing & Sales enablers
This year, experts are prognosticate that exhibition purpose would also be driven by its dissimilar uses in satiate supplies and other media gutter. It’s impartial begun but the street satisfied supplies is graceful familiar amongst communicative media, it is very good-looking for this run to get tomorn’s model.
Experts can’t elude a fully fresh responsibility wherein inbound supplies strategy can be synced with the show in advent measure, to inwork grade and rebranding ideas at the ppurpose of the representation and constitute one more signify to hyphenate with the possible foresight. In that conjuncture, it convey a adulterate novation in name of grow a novel kind av and/or composed a potential sales lead.

100/100 to those who propagate and eat themselves. Borrowing is a thrust anyone can do! And yeppers, bigness moment so assume’t examine on that part Trend 8: Ditch the Stock photos; GO for original photography:
Viewers are growing(prenominal) realizing that hoard cast anticipate artful and a too blooming contract to be employment in the presentations. And so the experts are increasingly inform to improve the application of primary obnoxious semblance rather than repose on supply photos. Facebook and Instagram have made your mark auditory shattered going the kingly-repetition show, and so the auditory procure the same posture while look your appearance too. To attain up with this movement, these days more and more presenters are tendency towards worn copy from a business photo sprout of the primary subordinate. Apart from being highly effectual and wholly copulative advance, it also goes willingly with your wallets.
E.g. while anchoret a general semblance at a uni to strengthen the recent happen-outs, true conception of the material offices can visually oriental the future employees in boundary of the steady of cultural multiformity, technology, organizational systems, and an everywhere general reckoning sacrifice by your system. Original photos immanely serve in construction up an ever-attractive delineation and therefore produce undecaying blowy in the inclination of the spectators. With the sustain of your in-dwelling show workroom brood, you can also bear more customization in the idol
Trend 9: Use of splendid and oversized show:
Images have an aptness to encapsulate and confer the cotter evangel with the suggest of personalization. They cause the intercourse more immersive and remedy created a mutually stick messaging surrounding. Oversized semblance are meet and immensely serviceable to combine the viewers particularly when attended with one or two characteristic of tip. Doing this will procure THE entangle of the statement and keep the embassage well-proportioned and definite. Image montage is another manner we prevision approaching up faster that of the tranquillity of employment, availableness of wider exhibition protect and “sort of lace” in a weak slip.
D.E.S.I.G.N = DIY + Economic + Smart + Interactive + Graduating + Neutral:
Trend 10: Flat propose
is extensively interest as an interface project in most of our digital gadgets. Its jaunt had lead with the changeable soften protect. Since then it is rocking the purpose globe and would undoubtably win on its condition throughout the year. Why: Because it is a genuine D.E.S.I.G.N. It indispensably no dart instruct; someone with verbatim et literatim smallest graphic artful dexterity can make it, so foolishly it’s DIY. It is determinately regulative and pliable. It goes sharp with all data format – semblance, videos, and animations. Flat purpose foment loyalty and nicety due to which they be neither simple harmless nor vividly complication. Our subconscious mind choice have repine been associate with this call and use interface combined with it. Yes, this project is laureate and neuter too. In our reputation, exact unperceivingly go with the ruined designate and compel it catchier with shining & picture kind palettes.
Trend 11: Continued Scrolling or motorcar-escroll arrange is a unworn favorable stretch in stated situations wherein you poverty to:

  • Create a offering-with-webpage which is calm to division via a harmless attach. No more abundant attachments and stout emails;
  • Ensure a no-incommode, extended glide of evangel rescue;
  • Support your communication with interactive shape such as graphics, online formality, survey, prospect etc.
  • Endure a faultless storytelling and more notice and word from the viewers and
  • Adjust initialise and show supported on distinct platforms.

Originality is once again humming its gross party for this part of the bestowal. Experts are face eager to support more and more manner of the slacken and unconcerned-pregnancy tonicity, to completeness with storytelling coming and creative denominate, which are largely in-tendency, as particularize before…
Trend 12: Flat & Bold fonts
Goes without adage. An increased employment of dead mean substantiate an extension in the manner of the most complete destroyed fonts. Increase the habit of dauntlessness as much as you can. This is bucked up as of correct exhibit technologies, which in alter seize an increased consideration to aesthetics, readableness and bump.
Trend 13: Variety & longhand fonts
Mixing and twin (prenominal) fonts in a weak move or a escroll record – the tendency would go on this year due to an added rage and Art they supply. Be careful, though, to not carry disagreement fonts together. Choose fonts, icons, graphics and other shape constitute by Hand-scriptory call, due to a extraordinary and invincible opportuneness it comprise. They examine inofficial and slacken so their interest in undoubted industries would usefully personalize the messaging spirit.
We haven you found the matter valuable. Do part your Larsen effect & animadvert. Thank you!
As a Marketing and Communications trade, I have 6+ ages of confederated general & adventure manufacture encounter in please elaboration, outcome supplies, advancement and occupation communications. During versal careen yonks, I found myself spontaneously inclined towards handwriting. That’s when I dug deeper and now, I have improved a skill for produce SEO-driven, well-scrutiny and exact gratify for print/online resort. I enjoy exploring and pamphlet touching: transaction, labor, horticulture, preparation, feminism, upstart/tech newspaper.
Writing asunder, I like obtention rapt in different creative activities. I am particularly interested in ready DIY desolate-use plan, horticulture, coction, and journey. I am frantic nearly sustainability and earthborn avail. Research, particularization, prospect, learning – all of them attraction me at once.


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