How a PowerPoint Presentation Should be?

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How a PowerPoint Presentation Should be?

A PowerPoint Presentation is a PPT created by using Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation software. The presentation is a collection of slides, each having information that supports the person who is representing a topic.

While creating a Presentation keeping the following points in mind, will help to create a best in class PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Keep it Simple

PowerPoint slides use horzontal or landscape modes. A landscape orientation is prefered for best viewing experience. There are a number of presentation softwares available in the market, the famous one being the software offered by Microsoft. It is advisable to keep only the necessary information in the slides. Even if there are a lot of whitespaces or empty spaces in a particular slide it is okay, instead of keeping unncessary chart of information it is the best to keep only the required information which supports the presentor.

  • Don’t flood your slides with text

A good presentation may not have text at all. I know it does not sound practical, but it is the presentor who has to do the narration and the presentation itself. People tend to get bored when there are lot of text or bullet points alone. So a best presentation should be a document which should be of no use without the presentor i.e. It should contain the contents which only the presentor can narrate. I am not saying that there should not be any text at all, but keeping it minimal is adivsable

  • Use Contrasting colors

Selecting what color the background and the content you are planning to add, Plays an important role in creating a best presentation. Your audience should be able to read the contents. Also limit the transition or animation within a slide content, and transition from one slide to another slide should be simple and common accross the entire presentation.

  • Selecting the right fonts

Above all the above points mentioned above the most important point to keep in mind is choosing the right font. Keep your font styles consistent throughout the presentation. This will help to keep your audiences focused. Happy ‘Powerpointing

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